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How will i receive and how long does it take if I place an order online?

Once you place an order, you are able to specify where you want us to send your order at the checkout. We can either ship gift certicate(s) and/or products to you or to a recipient that you have specified. You can also have an option of buying an order online and picking it up at the store. Just select this option at the checkout and your order will be ready in 6 business hours. If you are pressed for time, you now have the option of printing gift certificates online. After placing an order, you will get an email within 6 business hours with instructions on how to download and print gift certificate(s).

Is there an expiration date on a gift certificate?

No, our Gift Certificate never expire.

Can spa dollars gift cards be used for any spa services and for purchasing products at the spa?

Spa dollars gift certificates can be used towards any spa services except for laser hair removal services. Spa dollars gift certificates can not be used toward product purchases.

I have some credit left on my gift certificate, can I use that towards my tip to my therapist?

The credit left on your gift certificate is not of cash value. That credit can only be applied to another service at BodyCareNY Laser Spa except for laser hair removal.

Can I apply my gift certificate to another service?

Yes you can, but we will redeem the gift certificate in a dollar amount (the value of the service). If the service value is more than the gift certificate value, you will have a credit. This credit can only be applied to another service at our spa except for laser hair removal services. You cannot use this credit to get cash back or tip the therapists.

What is your policy on Lost Gift Certificates?

Gift cards are treated as cash and are not replaceable if lost or stolen. The bearer of the gift card is completely responsible for its loss or theft. Body & Care Laser Spa cannot replace any lost gift cards.

Returns & Refund Policy.

Gift certificates and spa products are non-refundable. 

Can I exchange my gift certificate for another service?

Yes! Your gift certificate is worth a specific amount so you may use it towards the service of your choice. Please bear in mind that sometimes gift certificates are purchased at discounted prices. If thats the case, once you change the service, you will be charged at a full regular price.

I have a gift certificate/voucher for my appointments, but I forgot to bring it in. What do I do?

In the event that you have forgotten your gift certificate/voucher, we will charge you for the treatments we have scheduled. This charge will be fully refunded to you once we receive the original certificate (not a copy).
Gift Certificates